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Meet the Team Member - Francesco from Dinex Italy


Meet Francesco De Pace – a genuine Dinex cornerstone for 22 years. Starting as a regional Sales Manager for the Italian Aftermarket, Francesco started his venture into the OEM industry in 2012, and is now full focused on strategic projects directly with Italian vehicle and engine manufacturers.

Automechanika Invitation


Will we see you at this year’s Automechanika in Frankfurt? We really hope so: Our team is working hard to prepare innovative, exciting new Aftermarket solutions for Heavy Duty Exhaust & Emission systems - and we just can’t wait to show them to you!

Grand Opening of Dinex H2 Fuel Cell Lab


Dinex’ Hydrogen Fuel Cell Lab in Bayreuth, Germany is now officially opened and ready to accelerate the research in high-efficient fuel cells for Heavy Duty applications.

Dr. nox special US episode


Have you heard about Ghost Codes? 👻 Either way, dr. NOx has an important message to share with you in this special episode.

Dinex Euro 6 Truck Catalogue


Europe’s widest range of Exhaust parts for Euro VI trucks is growing again!Dinex’ Euro VI catalogue for Heavy Duty Trucks is now available in a new 2024 edition.

Reconditioning of Particulate Filters is a big win for everyone


Dinex offers an extensive reconditioning program for all European makes and models. Using OE-endorsed equipment and validation procedures, and accepting only type-approved filters in our core exchange loop, we’re proud to offer yet another solution: For the industry, and our planet

Visit Dinex at IAA Transportation 2024


Join us at IAA Transportation 2024 to experience Dinex's cutting-edge solutions firsthand at IAA Transportation 2024. As a dynamic leader in full system exhaust and emission solutions for the OEM industry, Dinex is committed to meeting environmental, and customer demands with agility and innovation.

Positive Off-Highway Powertrain & Fuels conference!


It was an overly positive experience to join the Off-Highway Powertrain & Fuels conference in Irvine, California, organized by Emissions Analytics. A unique opportunity to connect and exchange insights on future off-highway powertrain and fuel aftertreatment technology solutions: For a Greener and Cleaner future!

Proud member of Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria


Through the Bavarian Hydrogen Alliance / Zentrum Wasserstoff Bayern (H2.B) we will contribute and collaborate on strengthening and expanding knowledge and innovation that promotes the use of Hydrogen in the European energy sector.

500 MWh electricity saved for lighting


Let there be light! Dinex has a global combined warehouse and production area of nearly 100.000 m2 which is now almost entirely illuminated by LED light sources. This has cut electricity consumption to a third, and generates an estimated annual saving of at least 500 MWh!

Do you really need a new one?


Thinking “circularity” is not only something we do as we’re adding more remanufactured spare parts to our product range. Circularity has also made its mark with our global IT team.

Recovering waste energy from test activities


To avoid energy waste, Dinex started in 2022 to distribute excess electricity back to the public grid. At the end of the year, over 20 MWh of electricity had been returned to the grid, which in Denmark equals an avoidance of a little over 3,6 tonnes of CO2.


Sepember 10-14, 2024


Automechanika - Frankfurt, Germany

Sepember 16-22, 2024


IAA Transportation - Hannover, Germany

April 7-13, 2025


Bauma - Munich, Germany