Research & Development

Dinex has a keen focus in R&D for the continuous improvement of our catalyst formulations and for the development of new solutions for future emission targets.​​​​​​​

Research & Developement Lab Testing

The catalyst portfolio of Dinex covers the Heavy Duty on-road applications as well as

off-road applications from small to large engines. For Diesel applications we have solutions for the emission standards Euro VI / US EPA 10 and Stage V for oxidation and selective catalytic reduction catalysts and we are working on solutions for the next level on emission reduction including ultra-low NOx standards.

Beside the diesel catalyst technology, Dinex also has a strong footprint in catalysts for natural gas engines. The catalyst portfolio consists of a robust methane oxidation catalyst for lean burn applications as well as a wide range of three way catalysts for stoichiometric calibrated engines. Our TWC technology fulfills the current Euro VI D standard and we are working on new formulations to meet the next emission level while at the same time working on significantly reducing the current loading level of precious metals.

In our R&D center we have a modern lab for wash coat developments including the analysis methods needed for the characterisation  and we use synthetic gas benches as well as engine test benches for testing and characterizing the performance of the catalyst.

With a highly porous SiC substrate, Dinex has its own DPF technology for special applications, which need a higher thermal robustness compared to the standard solutions based on cordierite. We are continuously improving this substrate technology to improve both the soot and ash loading characteristics and to meet the PN filtration requirements.