Dinex OneBox

Dinex OneBox Revolution

The Dinex OneBoxes has an unique Dinex design and is manufactured according to OE technology. It matches or exceeds OE performance, it is available on stock and is easy to install. The performance is validated by an accredited test institute.

Dinex OneBox USA full system

OneBox Development & Manufacturing

  • High investments
  • The largest and most complex aftermarket R&D projects ever conducted in the history of Dinex
  • 2 years or 5.000 hours of development
  • Bringing specialists from both Dinex’s OEM and Aftermarket divisions across multiple countries.

With a high investment of tooling’s a dedicated production line has been installed to assemble the system most optimally and efficiently.

Dinex OneBox USA


Dinex OneBox EU


Manufactured according to OE technology

Match or better than OE performance

Available on stock

Easy installation

Performance validated by independent test institute